Activities:Japanese Tea Time



Japanese Tea Time 


This extracurricular activity has led by Prof. Zhong Zeyi Liang since the 97th school year.

All school students have the opportunity to communicate with Japanese teachers and Japanese exchange students in a relaxed atmosphere in Japanese.


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Japanese Cultural FestivalJapanese Cultural Festival Event

Taiko performance

 You should frequently have seen this instrument,Taiko. Taiko is a traditional Japanese music instrument that you must see?]  and it is also available in our department. Taiko is performed every year in the Japanese cultural festival. During the preparation period, there will be professional teachers to guide and everyone will work hard to practice. Since it is usually the first event in the festival, we would attract everyone with the sound of drums on the field, along with the momentum of the entire Japanese cultural festival!


Soran dance


ソーラン(Soran) can be said to be a major feature of the Japanese cultural festival. ソーラン is a traditional dance performed by Japanese fishermen to celebrate the harvest. Everyone wears customized costumes and performs on the stage. It's all hard practice, uniform movements and everyone's hard yelling.



There are youthful performances, interesting yukata experience photoing, blessing picture horses, and delicious yatai dishes. In order to let everyone know about Taiko, two songs are performed this time. And Soran, the traditional performance of Japanese cultural festivals over the years, represents the perseverance of Japanese fishermen. Interested students can wear yukata (Japanese pajama/bathrobe) and take photos as a souvenir, so that everyone can experience the beauty of Japanese yukata. Ema (picture horse) is a traditional Japanese prayer board. Write your wishes and pray for success. Yatai, a Japanese character, means small vendor in Chinese. By selling traditional Japanese food, teachers and students can taste Japanese delicacies.