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Since established in 1989, we have been committed to promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation activities. We not only hold short-term study and visit activities but also make some plans such as overseas volunteer programs, dual-learning programs, dual degree programs, cooperative programs, long-distance video conferences and professional internships and so on to foster students’ international perspectives, strengthen their international language skills, and enhance their international competitiveness.

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Introduction of Exchange Universities

Since Yuan Ze University was established in 1989, we have been actively committing to promoting international academic exchange activities. Through various international academic exchanges and research cooperation, the University has strengthened the quality of its education, expanded its international outlook and enhanced its international competitiveness.

In recent years, due to the increasingly flourishing international exchange activities, in order to further enhance the degree of internationalization of the school and integrate relevant resources within the school, the International and Cross-Straits Affairs Office was established in August 2008 to comprehensively manage all international affairs of the university, such as Extend foreign academic exchange channels, receive visits from foreign scholars or academic institutions, handle international student exchanges and exchanges, handle cross-strait academic exchange issues, recruit foreign students, and publish announcements of various academic activities, seminars, and exchanges to improve the international competitiveness and popularity of school and attract foreign students to enroll our school.


The Major Exchange Universities In recent five years