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Experience Sharing of Foreign Students

  福永右真 Yuma

1. Reasons for applying to study in Taiwan

In the beginning, I wanted to study in other countries. I couldn’t choose a country such as the United States or Australia, because their tuition and prices were not cheap. After I went to the course briefing which was held by a Chinese classroom for studying in Taiwan in my school, I decided immediately to study in Taiwan. I thought that Taiwan is a very pro-Japanese country, and public security was also very good. If I come to Taiwan, I can communicate with many foreigners and learn Chinese. Although I was only a sophomore in high school, I never regret choosing to study in Taiwan.


2. Why are you satisfied or dissatisfied so far?

There are many satisfying things in Taiwan. Classmates and teachers are very great to me. It can be said that I am in such a good environment, so there is nothing to be dissatisfied about so far. Sometimes, I feel that I am not used to fitting in Taiwan or many things are different from Japan, but I know that I study abroad. There must be differences that I need to find a way to fit in Taiwan more or get used to it, so nothing is disappointing recently.


3. Scholarship

There is no requirement because I think Yuan Ze University's scholarship is fair. If I work hard, the scholarship is a kind of special gift, so there is no need for me.


4. The way to apply to study abroad and experience sharing

I applied to study abroad through the Chinese classroom where I learned Chinese in Japan, so I am not clear about the process. In terms of experience, my personality has changed since I came to Taiwan. I have become more energetic and outgoing and enjoy the time with my classmates so much. For me, playing with classmates, studying together or quarreling can be learning opportunities in life. After all, I am now in my junior year. I want to cherish the rest of my studying abroad life in Taiwan because I believe that it is a destiny to meet each one. I also want to cherish every classmate, friend, and teacher, and seize the days of this precious study abroad life.

 段中梨冴 Lisa

1. Reasons for applying to come to Taiwan

The main reason to study in Taiwan is that I want to learn Chinese, and I like Taiwan so much. I always wanted to study abroad since I was a child. When I was deciding which university to go to in my third year of senior high school, I saw a poster of studying in Taiwan and decided to apply. Moreover, price level and university tuition in Taiwan are much cheaper than in Japan, which is one of the reasons why I applied to study in Taiwan.


2. Why are you satisfied or dissatisfied so far?

Dissatisfied: Inconvenient traffic, too many scooter, and traffic is chaotic

Satisfaction: low living expenses, cheap medical expenses, delicious foods


3. How to maintain good grades or reading methods

There are more English classes in our departments, so there are almost no language problems. Thanks to the help of my classmates. My group reports, preparation for the midterm, and final exams went well.


4. Scholarship

I am very satisfied with the current scholarship system.


5. The way to apply to study abroad and experience sharing

I applied for Yuan Ze University through the "Taiwan Enrollment Cram School" where I studied Chinese before coming to Taiwan. To apply for a university, I need to write an autobiography and a reading plan. Some universities need to use Skype for interviews. The tutors in cram school will help me correct my autobiography and practice for interviews.