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Experience Sharing of Overseas Chinese Student - Chloe


1. Reasons for applying to study in Taiwan

I came to study in Taiwan because some of my family members live in Taiwan, so I want to experience life in Taiwan and also want to know if it is much different from living in Hong Kong. So far, there is nothing unsatisfactory because living and studying in Taiwan are easier than in Hong Kong. Perhaps the reason is that the pace of life is not so tight. Moreover, Taiwanese people are also very friendly and I like to meet many Taiwanese friends.


2. Why are you satisfied or dissatisfied so far?

The courses in the department will not be hard to understand. As long as I listen carefully to the class and review it, I can get better grades. There are no language communication problems for me, so it will not be too difficult to learn in Chinese.


3. Scholarship

Both schools and departments have scholarships to apply for, as well as scholarships for overseas Chinese students. The requirements are all based on grades and behavior. If our ranking or scores can meet the criteria of the scholarship, we can apply for it. The higher the ranking, the more scholarships we can get.


4. The way to apply to study abroad and experience sharing

I applied to study in Taiwan through the Highwise Service Foundation. The way to apply is very simple. There will be individual applications and unified enrollment. The individual application depends on whether you have a school you want to apply to, and if you have one, you can apply earlier. You will get a lot of great and different experiences when you come to study in Taiwan, so I recommend studying in Taiwan.