Overseas Chinese Scholarship Experience Sharing - Joey

1. Performance standards, maintenance, reading methods (comprehensive)

The method of calculating grades is to use the average class ranking. My own method of reading is to achieve good results in every subject so that the average score will not be lowered and the department ranking above the previous department can be maintained.


2. Scholarship system requirements

Because we want to encourage overseas Chinese to enroll in Yuan Ze University, the amount of scholarship for overseas Chinese is high and the requirements are not too difficult. If it is within 50% of the class ranking, it can have 10,000 Taiwan dollars, 30% or less 20,000 Taiwan dollars, 10% or less is 30,000 Taiwan dollars. You can apply once in a semester, so you can apply twice in a school year. It is a very good system. You can apply for a high scholarship with a little hard work.


3. Application method + sharing of your experience

The application method is also very simple. Copy your academic year transcripts and scholarship application forms, fill in your personal information and submit them to the department office, provided you have your own account. Since the scholarship is funded by remittance, there is no cash payment, so make sure you have your own personal account before applying.