Activities:Japanese Tea Time



Japanese Tea Time 


This extracurricular activity has led by Prof. Zhong Zeyi Liang since the 97th school year.

All school students have the opportunity to communicate with Japanese teachers and Japanese exchange students in a relaxed atmosphere in Japanese.


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Event Week of Foreign LanguagesEvent Week of Foreign Languages

Event Week of Foreign Languages

The week is a special week for our department, through a variety of activities, you can learn more about Japanese culture, including a powerful taiko drum performance, an English-Japanese reading contest, a romantic poetry event, a Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement, a brainstorming contest, a swordsmanship contest, and so on. In addition to learning English and Japanese in the regular classes, you can also experience the interesting aspects of Japanese culture through the Extra-curricular Week!

Taiko performance

 You've seen a lot of Taiko drums and similar performances, right?  we also have  this kind of performance~ We will have professional teachers to guide us during the preparation period, and we will practice hard in order to attract everyone with the sound of drums. With the drum performance, the whole atmosphere comes out!

                                太鼓1.jpg             太鼓合照1.jpg

English-Japanese Reading Contest

 This is a competition for everyone to show their English and Japanese skills! In addition to the fluent Japanese spoken by the students of the Foreign Language department Students, it will also give the students of other departments a chance to show their fluency in English~ Most importantly, they will also have the opportunity to experience a special studio shoot!



Poetry Events

「I love three things: the sun, the moon, and you.  The sun is for the day, the moon is for the night and you forever.」

In addition to anonymously sending romantic love poem cards in English, there are also beautiful dried flower bouquets and cards and delicious cookies for sale.

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 Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement

 Do you know that in Japan, tea ceremony, flower ceremony, and incense ceremony are called the three elegant ways? The tea ceremony and the flower ceremony are inseparable. In order to let you experience more diverse Japanese culture, we invited Japanese teachers to come to the scene to demonstrate and teach the Japanese authentic tea ceremony and flower ceremony culture!


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Brainstorming Contest

This is a test of history, culture, entertainment and other aspects of knowledge or cold knowledge of the competition, the process is really exciting and fun!!!                          

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Kendama Contest   

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that is now popular in many places! Through this small competition can let you experience the usual less exposed to the sword jade can also get a lot of fun from it!

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