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学科コース表 1~2年生2~4年生情報応用課程
(17) 言語向上モジュール
(9) 学科コース紹介 1~2年生▋ 情報応用課程(8)基礎程式語言(4)、資訊概論實務(2)、科技輔助語言學習(2)▋ 英語応用課程(16)閱讀與討論(2)、英文閱讀與寫作(2)、英語溝通技巧(2)、英語簡報技巧(2)、英文實用寫作(2)、英文商用書信寫作(2)、演說與辯論(2)、商務溝通(2)、英文課外閱讀(0)▋ 教養課程(19)各分野(芸術・人文科学、自然科学、社会科学、生命科学)から2単位(10) 必修:社会科学分野のGS418A自我經營與生涯發展(2)國文(4)、經典五十(2)、服務學習(1)、先修英語(1)、英語檢定(1)▋ 上級英日語課程(30)上級英語と日本語課程の中から、1つ選択上級英語課程(30)國際商務英文(2)、進階國際商務英文(2)、企業概論(2)、大數據英文(2)、流行文化英文(2)、英語教材教法(2)、商用英文(2)、英語教學理論及方法(2)、英語教材與活動設計(2)、英語導論(2)、職場英語(2)、文化創意產業英文(2)、英語詞彙(2)、進階商務溝通(2)、觀光英文(2)、多媒體教材製作(2)、新聞英文(2)、經貿英語專題(2)、外語習得概論(2)、英語逐步口譯(2)     2. 上級日本語課程(30)日本文學導讀(3)、日語溝通技巧(2)、日語筆譯實務(2)、基礎日語口譯(2)、日語簡報技巧(2)、日語口譯實務(2)、職場日語會話(2)▋ 華語課程(10) 2~4年生▋ 職場専業モジュール(13)必修:專業語文概論(3)自由選択:商用英/日文、職場英/日文など(8)▋ デジタル・クロスカルチャ能力モジュール(13)二つの能力モジュールコースから、1つ選択クロスカルチャ能力モジュール(13)必修:跨文化溝通(2)、語言與社會(3)、日本文學導讀(3)自由選択:日本文化、文創英文などデジタル能力モジュール(13)必修:數位翻譯應用(3)、語料庫言談分析(3)、多媒體概論(2)自由選択:電腦輔助語言教學、英日文口筆譯課程など▋ 自由選択(17)外語習得概論、英語教學理論及方法、英語教材與活動設計、基礎英語口譯、英語口譯實務、多媒體概論、電腦輔助語言教學、西洋文學專題、新聞日文、日本社會、日本文化、日本社會語言學、商用日文、進階日語聽解、商用日文寫作、第三外国語(スペイン語、フランス語、ドイツ語、韓国語、ロシア語、ベトナム語、タイ語)▋ 卒業プロジェクト(3) 全学年:▋ 言語向上モジュール(9)英・日本語の聴解、会話、読解、筆記など、各方面の授業を9単位以上選択。    新しい情報はこちら(中国語) ▶ 


102 Alumni of the Department of Foreign Language 蘇郁雯Honda Mobilityland Corporation, Tournament Planning Manager105 Alumni of the Department of Foreign Language 江惠賢Quanta Computer Incorporated, Sales Representative 106 Alumni of the Department of Foreign Language 連詩芸Taoyuan Municipal Qingpu Elementary School, English Teacher105 Alumni of the Department of Foreign Language 黃子瑄 Inventec Corporation, Inventory Management105 alumni of the Japanese language group of the institute of Foreign Studies林滄海 Eryk HajndrychA full-time teaching and research assistant in the Department of Oriental Linguistics, Kakimizhvirki University, PolandPolish children's book "Snail Little ㄕㄢ is a boy or a girl?"  94 alumni of the department of Foreign Studies劉德正 Liu Dezheng株式会社ハイテック.システムズ営業職Hitech Co., Ltd. SystemMaster of Japanese Language, Soochow University, Akita University of Education Exchange94 alumni of the Department of Foreign Language鐘瑋禎 Zhong WeizhenJapan Airlines, Deputy Cockpit Captain/Flight attendant93 alumni of the Department of Foreign Language 周季嬋 Zhou jichanFounder of Yeghang Yexia Culture Co., Ltd.Actively participate in Taiwan-Japan exchanges, rural revitalization, and the common prosperity of both agriculture and agriculture93 alumni of Department of Foreign Language徐詠筑 Xu YongzhuLone Star College Japanese InstructorUIUC Double Master in English and Japanese TeachingUIUC Japanese Teaching Assistant 91 alumni of the Department of Foreign Language98 alumni of institute Japanese group巫安盈 AnnieEx-assistant of  EBSC, YZUJapanese/English Teaching Instructor 91 alumni od department of Foreign Language邱媛莉 Tiffany Chiu, Ph.D.Imperial College London /Senior Teaching Fellow in Educational Development Ph. D., King’s College London, University of London 90 alumni of Department of Foreign Language彭暐崴 VavaMStar Semiconductor, Inc., Procurement of production and operation office capital 88 Alumni of Department of Foreign Language陳力綺 Li-Chi ChenDepartment of Oriental Linguistics, Kazimierz Wielki University, PolandFull-time Assistant Professor88 Alumni of Department of Foreign Language洪敦謙/洪馬克 Hong Mark  CEO of 2018 Asia Pacific Film Festival  Founder of FFIFA Formosa International Film Festival  Director, screenwriter, film exhibition curator, short film works have won more than  56 film festival records, twice on the TED podium  Head of Hongmark Film Co., Ltd.  86 Alumni of Department of Foreign Language李政翰 Lee ZhenghanFirst-Class Education Secretary of the Education Section of the Representative Office in the Philippines 
 Orientation Camp

Orientation Camp

 Orientation Camp
─────────PurposeThis is a three days orientation camp for freshmen. They can easily get to know more people from the department and other departments through teams and participate in many games. Playing games can let freshmen and seniors become more familiar with each other. Usually several departments would join the same camp. In 2019, we hosted the orientation camp with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature.Not only for freshmen, but seniors can also learn many skills through preparing. The orientation camp has the historical significance of inheriting the past and the future. Seniors always spend a lot of effort on preparing the camp. ContentDuring the three days, there were a series of performances and activities. The seniors would conduct a lot of drama, singing, and dance performances. There were many types of games to play together, such as group competition, RPG, and water play. From waking up until going to bed, everyone would be willing to exhaust their energy to play games. The whole team worked together to complete all the games, and their relationship will be stronger. It is said to be one of the most memorable and exciting activities. Learned from the activityFor freshmen, it is a process of having the courage to challenge themselves. In an unfamiliar environment, you need to know how to communicate and work in a team. More importantly, step out of your comfort zone to enjoy the only time in your life.For the seniors, what they can learn most is communication and teamwork. The preparation period is almost two months. During this time, there must be many arguments and frustrations. The preparation is a kind of small society. You must try your best to work with your partner and encourage each other who you just met, so you can definitely learn many skills that you might not learn in class. Reflection by the Coordinator…This is the third year we have participated in the orientation camp. During freshman year, I played as a freshman. As a sophomore, I served as a staff member to plan the games. As a junior, I served as the event general coordinator to lead the activity, so I was very familiar with all the processes. The difference is that I need to care about more things to have a good camp. When working as a staff, it is not difficult to only prepare for the event and performance. To be the leader as a junior, I learn a lot because the overall situation must be considered. When there are many people working together, there will definitely be different opinions. How to listen to everyone’s opinions, respect each other, and come up with a method that can be accepted by most people is an important lesson. Every decision must consider whether everyone can accept it, whether the funding is sufficient, how to communicate with manufacturers, and so on. When the camp finally ended, I was really happy but sad. Watching everyone learn many things and completing the big event together is very warm. After seeing everyone’s laughter and the success of the event, suddenly at that time, hard work is nothing to me. At the same time, I realized that we might have no chance to stick together or work every day in the future. Fortunately, until now, some of us still keep in touch and hang out. I am glad to have these opportunities to make my college life more colorful.   
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