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Newton College

College Introduction

The location is located in Brno, Czech, and the school system is divided into the School of Management and the School of Psychology. The characteristic of Newton College is its small-class teaching. The courses include international business management, strategic management, business English and political science. The environment and equipment in the college are abundant. Both the library and the cafe on campus are very good.

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Preparation before exchange

The exchange application for the spring semester will be filed in September, and the results will be announced in October. At this time, you must contact the Newton college window as soon as possible. The visa application must also be prepared. The visa interview will begin in November and December. After you get your ticket, you will also have to buy the insurance and receive your visa. After you are ready, you will be ready to go abroad in January next year!


In exchange

In terms of the local environment, when I came to the Czech Republic, because the temperature difference between day and night is quite large, it is recommended to use the onion-style dressing method to adapt to the local climate. It would not matter if you don’t bring too many clothes, because it is not expensive to buy locally. You need to prepare enough in winter. A warm coat to withstand the wind and snow and to cover a large enough area, a woolen hat or scarf, and gloves for winter accessories are also necessary.

For three meals, you can go to the food supermarket to buy ingredients. You can buy them locally and you can cook them yourself. However, there are also gourmet restaurants in the Czech Republic. If you miss Taiwanese food, you can also eat them! By the way, Czech beer is delicious and cheap, so you must drink it when you come to the Czech Republic!


In terms of accommodation, the school will help find a dormitory, which is a double room, but the bathroom, clothes drying area, kitchen, etc. are all shared spaces.

The transportation in the Czech Republic is also very convenient. There is a monthly pass to take a variety of transportations, which is very convenient and simple.


In addition to attending classes at school, you can also travel abroad, participate in activities and festivals, or host parties with friends.



Yuan Ze Tuition TWD 40000

Round-trip air ticket TWD 35000

Living expenses TWD 10000*5=50000

Travel + Entertainment TWD 80000

Total TWD 205000



Visa must be processed early. Don’t be shy when you are abroad. Actively interact with your classmates and integrate into the local environment. Before going abroad, open a financial account with an ATM card for foreign withdrawals, set the PIN code for foreign transactions, and prepare a few more documents for transportation tickets or other necessities.