About:Introduction to Japanese Literature: Cultural and Creative Exhibition



Introduction to Japanese Literature: Cultural and Creative Exhibition



The goal of this course is to instruct students on the history of Japanese literature and to help students have a brief understanding and basic knowledge of classical works in Japanese literature.


Through the Cultural And Creative Exhibition, the teacher wants to tell us that literature is not just a long biography written by the writer but sharing his/her life experience as a story. Although there are sorrows and joys, they are all part of "life". Therefore, through this course, each student needs to use their own creativity to blend the works and writers’ stories into their own products. The purpose is not to make the products pretty exquisite and luxurious, but to convey the spirit of the writers through this exhibition.


Student’s feedback

This exhibition actually overthrows my imagination of literature. I used to think that literature would be boring, but on the other hand, I learned how writers use their own methods to face the problems they encounter. And then the spirit I learned from it is shown in my works! You really need to know some inspirational quotes and combine them with your product.