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Japanese Listening and Expression - VR Class



Course Introduction

This course is for beginners. In addition to practicing the dialogue, we can also learn languages by making VR videos. Before this semester, other students have made VR that is about visiting Japanese temples and Japanese tea ceremonies. This semester students have made a university tour video. Students can improve their Japanese skills by writing scripts and design questions. They can also learn through every group’s video. While producing VR videos, students can understand more professional knowledge and acquire related skills.




Course Process

At the beginning of the course, professional teachers and experienced upperclass students were invited to teach the production of VR. Next, the students finished the script and memorized the lines. Finally, they filmed every building, restaurant, and gym at the school.




Comprehensive Feedback

Through shooting VR videos, students can get a lot of opportunities to practice Japanese speaking. They must memorize the scripts before shooting. When mistakes are found after shooting, they can also correct immediately and practice more. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to make VR, which is not as simple as shooting a general film. At least they can practice the same dialogue to be very familiar. For students, facing a camera is not a common thing. After this class, most students no longer feel shy in front of the camera, and it can also enable them to speak Japanese more confidently. Perhaps in the future, they have no worries about speaking Japanese in front of many people.