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English Translation in Practice


Course Introduction

This course aims to cultivate learners' basic translation skills through practice based on constructive analysis. Students will learn different types of translation, including film, sports, news, business and technology. Project-based learning will be included in the curriculum. Students will use translation technology to carry out translation projects.


Special course activities

At the end of the semester, the teacher assigned a group competition for film subtitle translation. At the same time, we also had to shoot a film. We acted as the male and female characters in the film. Each group chose the film they wanted to remake. For the 20-minute clip, we must not only memorize the lines, but also master the acting skills to interpret the message conveyed in the movie. Of course, the ultimate goal is to apply some of the translation skills we have learned in the course to the subtitles of the movies we remake. There was even a pizza celebration after the final announcement!

Award-winning experience

Although we are native Chinese speakers, there is still a certain degree of challenge in translating English into Chinese. Because you can't be too daily life-like in translation; just think about what kind of subtitles would make you feel the content more personal when we go to the movies. You will also encounter situations where you can't have redundant words. It takes a lot of effort to learn shooting a film and acting. Finally, the teacher announced the results of the competition, and the winning team also received a lot of prizes! It was really a joy to be able to win the content by using the actual skills learned in the course! Thanks a lot for the opportunity provided by the teacher and the team members!