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Exchange in Hosei University

A Special Course: Japanese culture

We have the Japanese culture experience class every day. Before the cultural experience, the teacher would introduce what we would experience, history and stories. For example, the Izakaya culture or visiting lakes around Fuji mountain.

After the class we can take the tram to go shopping and to eat some local Japanese dishes or visit famous landmarks, like Osaka Castle.



Teaching methods of Hosei

Hosei University would arrange a teaching assistant for each or two exchange students. The teacher assistant is a Hosei student.  Before we start the program, we take a Japanese language placement test to put us into different level classes (J1-J5).




I feel that Japanese have more freedom than Taiwanese because their students like to study abroad. They have a broader mind and vision. We can meet many people from different countries. And the first week impressed me the most. I remember watching snow at Fuji mountain and playing snow fights with a Mexican. But the tram is more expensive than Taiwan’s train and MRT.