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Radio Taiwan International Internship - Danica

Time and training

The internship in Radio Taiwan International usually starts from July 1st to July 31st. The training courses are related to broadcasting, operating machines, making sound effects, and so on. 


Suggest to prepare

Before starting the internship, the most important is to read more news releases first, because news English and general English use different words. It is necessary to have correct English pronunciations. Don't be afraid to speak! Watching American dramas and imitating pronunciation is also one of the preparations. 


Job content

Danica participated in two programs. The first one is “Hear in Taiwan” and the second one is “Feast Meets West”. In the end, she had to create a program that she is interested in. “Hear in Taiwan” was held by 1 host with 4 to 5 guests, chatting about some interesting or special news that happened in Taiwan. They have talked about why foreign parents usually go outdoors with children while Taiwanese children usually stay at home and play on computers or cell phones. They have also talked about the different kinds of mango in Taiwan. “Feast Meets West” talks about special foods or some special cultures, such as the differences between American and Taiwanese rites of passage. Danica made bubble tea rice in this program and she recorded the sound of making the food.



It is stressful to record news. If you can not answer the questions immediately, it will be a bit awkward. But she got used to it after talking for a long time, and she is not so nervous.


Reasons to recommend

The students who live near or in Taipei are recommended to come to this internship because the commute to RTI in Yuanshan, Taipei would be a big problem if you live in the YZU dormitory or Taoyuan. Students rarely have the opportunity to go to an English radio station or do her program, so she recommends having an internship in RTI.



Danica wants to tell everyone, ”Just express our feelings, say them out loud! Our opinion will be heard!”