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China Airline Internship

Internship period

end of January to end of July

At least 12 working days a month, 1 working day 2 hours, divided into 6:00~8:00, 16:00~18:00


Required capabilities

You need to provide a TOEIC score. The academic record should be above average. First, the school will select candidates, determining whether you can participate in the next stage of the China Airlines interview. Oral expression skills must reach a certain level, with organized content and clear pronunciation because during the interview, they will ask you to make an airport announcement. Of course, self-confidence is also very important!


Interview content

Introduce yourself, read the announcement, group interview with 5 other applicants. They asked about transportation: How would I go to the airport at 6 a.m. shift, and why do I want to intern? They asked if I have any other questions. You may get extra points if you ask some questions, which means you are aggressive and care about it.


Main work content

There are self-service check-in machines to assist and guide guests. Unless other teams’ senior staff assign tasks, we mainly operate the machines. (Some people were asked to disperse the crowd, but you need to improvise yourself.)

Special experience and gains

There was a problem with the guest’s ticket. Then I directed them to the wrong counter and was scolded by the senior staff.

Many tour guides were not very kind because they are more familiar with the airport environment.

I was asked if dried shrimp can be brought on board? Because it was the Dragon Boat Festival and they wanted to take it to Japan to make rice dumplings. That was so funny.


Some difficulties

I once helped Eva Air's guests (not within my job scope) for almost an hour, leaving the job for a long time, so I was a bit worried.