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The Far Eastern Group Internship - Elma

Internship time and main job content

Elma had the internship in the Far Eastern Group from July 1st to August 31st, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm in the purchasing sector of the engineering department. This position needs to select materials from various manufacturers considering quality, reasonable prices, and the companies’ needs.  In the beginning, she took classes to learn the purchasing process and then started to participate in meetings and procurement.


Learn and experience

The company has a reading meeting every month, and each department takes turns to share the contents of a book so that everyone can learn more knowledge. What impressed her most was that she had hosted a manufacturer meeting. Suppliers and clients met together, and she helped coordinate and communicate.

In addition to knowing more about purchasing, Elma also learned that everyone is serious and professional in their work, and they love their field so much even though everyone has family burden and pressure at work. In the purchasing department, she can learn a lot of things, such as comparing each material, coordinating and negotiating between suppliers and buyers. 

Reasons to recommend

Business English and communication skills are the strengths of our department, so don't be afraid to initiate communication. Besides, we should learn more about business. Set a goal before the internship so as to perform well in the interview. First, clarify your strengths and the reasons why you are suitable for this position. You must understand this position and the goals you want to reach. The Far Eastern Group companies include many categories, so we can learn a lot. 

If there is one more chance……

Elma wants to be responsible for a project, but every project is very professional. Each case will be tracked for a long time, so she only participated in the project, but Elma has learned a lot.