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Renaissance Okinawa Resort


If you think the winter and summer vacations are too long, and if you feel like doing something special, then sign up for an internship with the department!

Don't worry or fear that your Japanese ability is too poor. The most important thing is to maintain self-confidence and express your ideas well.


Time and place

About two months, at the View Hotel in Okinawa


Required abilities

At the time of the interview, it was said that it is better to have N5-N4 ability, but they did not look at the certification. The most important is personal expression and self-confidence, which determines whether you can communicate well with guests.


The content

Front desk: Reception and help with the luggage.

Housekeeping: Meet the tenant's requirements, clean up, and organize the environment after check-out.

Restaurant: Serve everything for the restaurant guests, pack tableware, or help with food.




About salary and benefits

Benefits: All-inclusive meals, cheap dormitory

Salary: 700-800 yen/hour (lower than expected)  


The reflection during this intern

Traffic is a big obstacle because the working environment belongs to a resort hotel, usually in the suburbs or mountains. The hotel is more than an hour's walk from the supermarket or the city. It is very troublesome without a car. In terms of communication, because the Japanese people speak fast if you don't understand, you should ask your colleagues or supervisors right away.

Although inconvenient transportation is a hassle, colleagues were very enthusiastic to help our interns from abroad and drove us to the nearby supermarket to buy things.