About:The Night of Foreign Language



The Night of Foreign Language


In order to provide a stage for talented students to perform, we have decided to hold a night of talent performance and English drama performance. The first English Drama Performance was held in 2003, and it was a stage for many students to show their English talents. However, after 2019, due to the epidemic, the show came to an end, but you can still click on the English Drama Show link above to see the great performances of the former seniors! Although the play is no longer on, we still have a stage for you to perform on. We hope that through this night, we can give students from our departments a place to show their talents, whether it's singing, dancing, acting, or even showing off their stage charisma in front of a large audience so that they won't get stage fright.


Students in both departments not only had dances, singings, and dramas, but also joint performances such as great choreography, as well as the anticipated total dance! It brings together talented students from all participating departments to enjoy this stage. I believe the audience will be satisfied with the results of the six months of dedicated preparation!


Learning from the activity

This event breaks the tradition of the independent organization because we invite other departments to co-organize it. After learning what a suitable attitude should be used to face different people, I believe that the students participating in the performance have learned how to exchange opinions with different people. 

For the organizers, this night is a big challenge. To make the event more successful, we found experienced partners to co-organize it. In the process, there are often frictions. They have traditions and we have innovations. In the case of different opinions, we have been communicating, and mutual respect and timely concessions are necessary. Besides looking for lighting and sound effects manufacturers, bargaining, and renting venues. Various issues need to be dealt with. I often feel powerless and the process is stressful. Fortunately, I have a group of friends who work together. 


On the day of the performance, I was nervous. I was afraid that there would be too few people, performance mistakes, and problems in lighting and sound effects. I was worried that all my efforts would be ruined, but when I saw that there were too many people and not enough seats, I was relieved. The audience’s laughter gave us the greatest feedback, and suddenly I felt that all the pains from hard work seemed to disappear, leaving only the good memories of the night.