About:Winter camp



YZU FL x ME 2020 Winter camp

The main theme and meaning of the winter camp

The winter brings happiness to elementary students from disadvantaged families. We would accompany them as if we were their elder brothers and elder sisters during the winter vacation.


Not every department would hold a winter camp. The meaning of the winter camp is not only entertaining but also learning from each other. 


Benefits for our students

By helping and teaching elementary school students, we can learn to cultivate patience and communicate with young children in different ways. 


Teaching content

The main activities include English and Japanese lessons, as well as hand-made and experimental tasks. There are also sports sessions and group activities outside the class. Not only can they study in class doing hands-on learning, but also go outdoors to play. This year, we held a "Japanese cultural experience" in order to expose the children to Japanese cultures. We also prepared a session to make carp streamers.


Reflection by the coordinator

During the camp, everyone became great big brothers and big sisters. In my eyes, there is a feeling that they are growing up, which is quite gratifying.