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YZU FL x ME 2020 Winter camp

The main theme and meaning of the winter camp

The goal of the camp, which was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was for us students to learn how to lead the team, as well as how to manage their own and everyone's time, so that one is able to learn how to prepare for an event. I think that by participating in this activity, more students will learn how to care for others and how to apply what they've learned to educate children, which will help them develop their courage as well as their communication and teaching abilities.

Our department hopes that during the winter vacation, more elementary school students will be able to learn English and Japanese in a fun way and that they will be able to apply what we teach in their lives or be inspired to seek knowledge. This time, organizing with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the goal of allowing children to study not only the language (English and Japanese) but also a portion of the hand-made experimental course. The Mechanical Engineering Department and the Department of Applied Foreign Languages are two different departments.


Benefits for our students

With the goal of happy learning, children can gain knowledge and experience in light-hearted games and course experiments. In terms of foreign languages, we hope that children are able engage in a dynamic exploration of the English world and letting them to learn Japanese quickly through Japanese songs. We have designed engaging sports courses to activate children's sports cells in order to cultivate their potential to be effective in both brainy and brawny activities.  We planned an easy and exciting hands-on experience to complete my own efforts in addition to knowledge learning.  Diversified learning, particularly the addition of science experiment courses, allows children to discover the wonders of science through simple and safe activities.  Provide additional performance opportunities, allowing them to express themselves and more confident.


Teaching content

The main activities include English and Japanese lessons, as well as hand-made and experimental tasks. There are also sports sessions and group activities outside the class. Not only can they study in class doing hands-on learning, but also go outdoors to play. This year, we held a "Japanese cultural experience" in order to expose the children to Japanese cultures. We also prepared a session to make carp streamers.


Reflection by the coordinator

After participating in this camp, I believe the most challenging thing will be leading the children to play activities together, as children tend to have mood swings easily, whether it is good or bad.   Nonetheless, I believe it is all a process, and the most important thing is that I have experienced and learned how to lead children and comforting them when their emotions fluctuate.