Courses:Japanese Presentation Skill


Course Introduction:

The primary goal of this course is to acquire language proficiency integrating four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing in order to function in Japan, to state and to support your opinion and thought, and to understand someone else's opinion and thought. However, particular emphasis is placed on speaking, especially presentation skills. We will practice presenting information to the target audience using proper expressions, gestures, postures, and presentation techniques in class. Speaking/listening skills will be developed through various classroom activities such as watching videos, having classroom discussions, and giving oral presentations.

Course process:

You need to scan the A4 photos at the entrance of the teacher’s office through the ARIS APP to check every week’s homework. The pictures of each week will be different according to the theme of the week. After scanning, the phone will pop up the video recorded by the teacher in advance, and the content is the weekly homework you need to do. Students may need to record a short play or express their opinions on some issues, such as the differences between Japanese and Taiwanese cultures, etc.! The APP itself has a recording function, after recorded the homework video, it will be automatically sent to the teacher.

Comprehensive Feedback:

I think this class is really special to me! The teacher used a very innovative and interesting teaching method. After class, you only need to use your mobile phone to scan the pictures which is stick outside teacher’s office to understand the week’s homework. After the video is filmed, the homework will be uploaded to the teacher immediately. Using this app can effectively practice listening, and your own instant translation ability can also practice your own speaking ability. It is really a very special course~