Faculty & Staff:Yun-Ju Hsueh 薛芸如



Yun-Ju Hsueh
薛 芸 如
Japanese Group
助教授 (日本語組)

TEL 電話番号 :
03-463-8800 # 2738

E-mail メール :

Education 学位 :

Ph.D., Graduate School of Arts and Letters Building, Tohoku University

Soochow University Master of Japanese Culture Institute

Soochow University Department of Japanese Studies


東吳大学日本語大学院 修士


Research Expertise 専門分野 :
An Analysis of English, Japanese and Chinese Comparisons, Extensive Reading in Japanese

Teaching Areas 授業領域 :
Japanese listening and translation

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Book Articles
1薛芸如, "漢語的存現句", 「亞太文學、語言與社會」, 2008/07


Special Book
1薛芸如 譯; 邱維珍 譯, "獨身", 商周出版, 2001/11