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In our English field, we focus on English for Specific Purposes (ESP), which mainly concentrates on researching the practical application of English in relevant fields, particularly English language teaching, pragmatics, and intercultural business settings. We not only apply various theories to English education, translation, and creating classroom materials, but also expand the research of ESP or culture in diverse fields.

▋Required courses:

English writing, Research methodology, Special Topics

▋Elective courses are offered in 3 main areas:

1. Courses that develop professional and academic English: Guided Practice in English Research Writing、Professional Presentation and Writing、Speech and Debate、Professional English Presentation、News English、Work-Place English、Business English、Cultural Creative Industrial English、Integrated Essay Writing

2. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL):Language Acquisition Theories、Theories and Methods of English Language Teaching、Material and methods for Children's English Language Teaching、Curriculum Design for Children's English Language Teaching、Applications of Online Resources to Teach English、Corpus-based approaches to English language teaching、Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Computer Literacy

3. Special Issues in Applied Linguistics: Social Linguistics、Studies in Intercultural Communication、Globalization and English、Discourse Analysis、Pragmatics、Corpus Linguistics、Cognitive Semantics

▋Special Courses : Studies in Intercultural CommunicationCorpus PragmaticsComputer-Assisted Language Learning and Computer LiteracySociolinguistics




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