Dear Freshmen

 I don’t know if you have imagined what you will do in the future. I remember when I studied in university, I don’t know where and what I what to work   after  I graduated, so I thought that I could at least do well in English and Japanese and develop the ability to observe the surrounding environment, food   and  people. Exercise when you have nothing to do, go to the library to browse through all kinds of books, listen some classes you are interested and travel.   Looking back now, it has become some nourishment along the way. The body and brain are huge memories. Do more and learn more will not suffer. There   have many things you have to learn after you go to work, facing difficulties and solving problems at ant time to prepare to enter the next stage, which   compares four years leisure time in university. One period of a while, the missed one will not come back again, reminding myself from time to time in my   heart. 

周季嬋, 野上野下文化有限公司 創辦人

   Dear Freshmen

  My name is Tiffany Chiu and I would like to share with you my academic journey, which all began here in the Department of English Language & Applied     Linguistics at Yuan-Ze University (YZU), where I graduated in 2006. I am currently a lecturer at St Patrick’s College, London (UK), after completing my   Masters  in TESOL in Philadelphia (USA) and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistic in London.
 There will always be ups and downs in life, especially in the next four years at YZU. While we often take-for-granted the pleasant times, we ought to prepare   ourselves for times of difficulties. There will be occasions, whether it is preparation for coursework or exam, or things in personal life, where you will feel   deflated, tired and even want to give up. Yet, with the right frame of mind and positive thinking, these negative emotions and feelings can be manifested into   positive gains. You will develop mental strength and you can thrive under pressure. I remember when I started my job as a lecturer, one of the administration staff was cautious about whether I am good enough to teach/manage their diverse body of students, which may be because I am physically ‘small’ and looked relatively ‘young’. Although I feel I have to prove myself, I never doubted my ability. It is very important not to easily allow the words of others to influence your confidence.
What I want to say is that to achieve your dreams, you need to be persistent and you need to have self-belief. Passion is an important ingredient for success and I strongly urge you to remind yourself that everything you will experience in the next four years, happy or sad, will mould you into a stronger and more developed person. You should never be afraid to accept new challenges and do not let opportunities slip away. I encourage you make full use of the facilities, staff and the campus during your time here at YZU because it is a fantastic place to grow and mature. I wish you all the best and be true to yourself. Smile when you fall and then move on.

Best wishes,

Tiffany Chiu, Ph.D.

邱媛莉 應外系第六屆系友, Ph. D., King’s College London, University of London

  Congratulations on coming to our big family

 Please tell yourself that you must fall in love with English and Japanese for at least these four years. Maybe you will be wondering about your future career   someday, but I hope you know that you can never go wrong with English and Japanese literature before you are uncertain about your interests. Because in   choosing a job or continuing to study, having good language ability is definitely a bonus! After graduation, it’s very difficult to have such a complete and   systematic tome for language learning. I hope you can make up for the regret that I didn’t learn better back then.


94級 學姐 彭暐崴 Vava, 晨星半導體股份有限公司 生產營運處資



1. How to maintain the standard of school performance?

At the stage, when the junior double repairs, the timing is very important,

Lay the foundation for the freshman year, make notebook record time arrangements, study time management, and use fragmentary time to read

Planning is very important. You can arrange things to be done in time intervals, and you must finish them within the time period.

If you have any questions in class, you need to ask, put down your body and don’t be afraid to feel embarrassed or ask questions. The rewards for solving the problems are yours.


2. Are there any other activities besides schoolwork?

Freshman: Cultural Festival

Sophomore: Performing Dance Supervisor: Make an appointment and do not delay

Junior three: external associations (discussion of topics)

Senior year: Junior summer internship in Yangguang


3. How to strike a balance between schoolwork and other activities and maintain the standard?

As mentioned above, I think the planning and management of time is the most important, and we will complete them one by one within the planning period. It is not only efficient but also effective.

You can make good use of your free time to do extracurricular tasks, such as dancing with your classmates for about an hour at noon.

If there is no dancing or extracurricular activities, just use that time to recite more words or read books, so that time for reading or activities will not be wasted.


4. How to build a bridge with the department and the outside world?

Ask the teacher to discuss career planning if you have any questions

After graduation, you can also discuss work or life issues with teachers when you come back to school!


5. Is the current occupation related to the department?


ASUS Business Manager

Plan and arrange PM project management

Need to communicate with foreign customers, can use English.


6. Any suggestions for preparing to enter the workplace after graduating from university

Participate in more activities, prepare for autobiography, and increase the richness of the content, make yourself special, and you can also interview more companies to accumulate experience.

Interview: It's better to be honest than to be false.


7. How to choose the first job more appropriate?

It is best to choose a language-related job. After all, I graduated from an undergraduate department. This is my biggest advantage. I can apply what I have learned and improve.

You can refer to the comparison of job search websites in different countries. Working abroad is also an option.

Arrange the time and place, such as planning an interview. The process needs to be prepared carefully before the supervisor can see your intentions.

You can show your autobiography to the school or friends and teachers for reference. The school has resources to help you revise it.

8. What else do you want to say?

There will be many different changes in future plans, you can try new work challenges, and you can learn new things.

But financial management is very important. Saving a sum of money is insured (maybe less afraid of changing jobs)

Besides, it’s important to have confidence in yourself, know that you are great.

You can try to find what you like and pursue.

Find your own shortcomings and correct them, but self-confidence is still the most important.

If you encounter a setback or low tide, you can speak up, you can ask more experienced seniors for help, and understand other aspects.